Blockchains as Data Streams

  • Create as many Chains as you like
  • Each Stream is a separate Chain of digitally signed events
  • No need to restart anything to start a new chain
  • High volume and minimal latency on every Stream




What is Avalanchain?

It is the technology which brings Blockchain to the extreme level of Enterprise usability. Avalanchain is an interactive toolkit allowing Blockchain naturally fit your Business. Avalanchain came to seamlessly glue the most recent Blockchain developments with cutting-edge industrial HighLoad and BigData technologies. We believe that the convenience of reading data provides way more business value than convenience of writing it. And we are the first to bring this approach to Blockchain technology.

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Cascading Blockchains

Read focused and storage optimised
Functionally interdependent
Automatically created

Granular and Deferred Consensus

Per-chain Consensus settings
Variety of rules
Streams Self-Reconciliation

Realtime and Elastic

High Availability
Huge volumes
Horizontally scalable


Role-based ACLs
Back-traceable (explainable) results
Easily administrable

Avalanchain as an Event Store


Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern is implemented in order to deal with limitation of the CAP theorem.

Complex Event Processing

CEP via projections allow you to react to events as they are written, and to create new events when interesting combinations occur.

Event pattern matching

Incoming events selected for processing by Streams using Pattern Matching API which is the most natural fit for streamed data.

Historical queries as First Class Citizens

You can use the same model for writing temporal correlation queries that run over historical data and on into the future.